Mortgage Insurance -

Which insurance product is best for you?

  1. Creditor insurance at the Financial institutions has its drawbacks
    • underwritten at time of death
    • decreasing
    • the bank is the beneficiary
    • Watch the video recorded by CBC Marketplace
  2. We offer 4 plans where the coverage remains level and one plan has the unique Cash Back TM feature exclusive to our Corporation.
    • Underwritten at time of application
    • level coverage or increasing
    • You name the beneficiary
    • Guaranteed Issue for those that have been turned down

Our Services:

Pension Management -

Do you Truly understand your Pension Options?

  1. Is your pension integrated with CPP?
    • Do you lose your CPP additional pension at age 65?
    • Do you have the right to start at age 60?
  2. Defined Benefit Pension Plans can be commuted prior to you reaching a certain age and having several years of service
    • Some pensions add your age and years of service and if it exceeds 75 or 80 you cannot move your pension and your CPP will be integrated.
    • Book a free consultation today and check your pension to see how you can maximize your retirement income without adding additional investment dollars.
  3. Is your Pension underfunded?
    • How do they catch up?
    • could it be that the current pension contributors pay for it?
    • Could part of your growth and contributions be going towards their mismanagement?
  4. We work with several of Canada's 'Top 40' Pension Managers and assist clients in making decisions that help their family while retaining their CPP pension.
  5. Book a Consultation and look at your Financial Plan and protect your income and your wealth.

Charitable Gifting

  1. Planning Strategies to support your favorite Charity today while leaving your Estate Intact.
  2. Tax Planning Strategies to Preserve Your Estate and Provide for Support to Your Charities in Your Will and Estate Planning.

Client Testimonials:

"After paying for our mortgage insurance for 20 years we were surprised to find it had gone up almost 5 times in cost per month and we still had a mortgage. We made the move to the Cash Back and only wish we had found it sooner. Thank you for taking the time to help us." Jeffery S, Regina Sask.

"We were so excited to get our new home and when we were shown the 4 choices we had an easy decision, we chose the Cash Back" Jeanine and Len. Regina

"We are not new to mortgages and Jay was the first person to explain the options and suggest the one best suited for our needs, cash was tight so we chose the 30 year term and when things are better we will go to the Cash Back" Tim. Nelson, BC

"We chose the Cash Back and after a few years we are quite happy as we can see the growth on line and know we have an emergency fund for our home" Tom and Linda Moose Jaw

Debt Consolidation

  1. Mortgage Referral to a Qualified Mortgage Professional
  2. Consolidate debt to free up cash flow to fund Insurance, Education and Retirement Planning.